"The Gulches"

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The Gulches
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Terrain: dirt road/4x4
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Difficulty: Difficult(8)
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County: Teller
Nearest Cities: Woodland Park, CO
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The Gulches is Compromised of Metberry Gulch, Longwater Gulch, and Hachett Gulch.

Currently only open to Teller county line on all trails.

08/10/09 To the volunteers, who donated their time and energy to trail work on July 18 and 19, thank you. With a small group of hard-working volunteers, the final work on the Teller County portions of both Longwater Gulch and Hackett Gulch was completed. On July 22, Teller County Officials and Forest Service Officials were driven over the trails to get their required approval. Teller County Officials and the Forest Service Officials gave their approval and the Teller County portions of Metberry, Hackett, and Longwater Gulches are now open. Hip, Hip, Hurray for the hard work and dedication of the volunteers. http://www.predator4wd.com/halomegu.html

Longwater: (Rating 6) 4Lo needed and I did put on the rear-locker not knowing if I needed it or not in 1 spot. There is a very large rock that you have to come down and go back up. Going down is not bad because you just slide down but you will go onto 2 wheel, a front and 1 back if you take the driver side through the soft sand. At the bottom of the rock you have to turn very sharp to passenger side because it is a steep decent with logs and a cable blocking. Going back up was a lot more intimidating but done in 4Lo with a rear locker I had no problems at all. Just get all the tires on the rock not in the soft dirt on the side. Was a nice trail and you could see a lot of the destruction that the fire had caused.

Hackett:(Rating 7) Much more difficult trail. 4Lo and rear locker on up a very large rock section that there is no go around and is very steep. The trail is very narrow and has very steep descents and accents with very loose gravel and a lot of rocks and trees in trail. To make it up the rock we stayed on the passenger side and just went up very slow. I heard that a unlocked 4 Runner did it earlier that day.


From Woodland Park take I-24 west to Divide, once at the four way stop light in the middle of divide(only stop light in Divide) go north on North rd (Manchester rd). Then take a left onto Ceder Mountain rd and proceed up the road for several miles, when the road forks stay left. You will see Longwater Gulch on the left followed by the other two within 3 miles.

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