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Bens jeep.jpg
Photo: A Jeep Navigates One Of The Obstacles On 2N17X
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: San Bernadino National Forest
Trail Length:
Trail Time:
Terrain: Loose Rocky Climbs
Off-Road Use: Limited Access
Difficulty: Dificult Difficult.gif
County: San Bernadino, CA
Nearest Cities: Hesperia, CA
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map: Google Earth Hybrid
GPS Start: 34.30258,-117.302508
GPS End: 34.283115,-117.271394
Google Earth: Pilot Rock Area.kmz


This trail is rated most difficult. This trail starts near the Cedar Springs day use area, near Silverwood Lake, where it forks off from 2N33 Map Pilot Rock Truck Trail, ending back into it again before the Pilot Rock. Map

This trail offers a grand view of the lake right atop the first few hills. Offers a variety of hill climbs, off camber sections and decent descents. The trail can be done in a mid-size 4x4 pickup with A/T's for tires. A full sized truck will run a higher risk of body damage in the tight areas. Lockers are not needed but will help in some areas. Good ground clearance is a must. On most of the numerous climbs there are different skill level paths all rolled into one.

This trail has been adopted by the Victor Valley 4 Wheelers.


From the LA area, take I-15 North then 138 East, go left on 173. You will turn right just after Silverwood dam Map. This trail starts at the Silverwood Lake Dam. This was an old firebreak line and runs the top of a ridge. It has some very rutted sections and is slippery throughout with loose soil.

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Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

2N17X Coordinates: 34.302789° -117.303444° Coordinates: 34.302789° -117.303444°

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