Achy Breaky Trail

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Achy Braky Trail
Achy Breaky.jpg
Photo: Going up, little traction
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: Stoddard Valley
Trail Length: 6.2 miles
Trail Time: 4-5 hours
Off-Road Use:
Difficulty: Difficult
County: San Bernardino
Nearest Cities: Barstow
Map Links:
Satellite Map:
Special Map:
GPS Start:
GPS End:
Google Earth: Achy Breaky trail.kmz
Elevation: 2,800 to 5,000 ft.

Located in the Stoddard Valley OHV Area just south of the town of Barstow, the Achy-Breaky is a "difficult" rated Jeep trail that circumvents the base of a small mountain called Watkins Peak. What this trail lacks in scenery is definitely made up for in all the fun and challenging side canyons that you get to climb up and descend along the way. While there are bypasses to all the hardest obstacles, if you're coming out to play, you need to know that the rocks and ledges here are big, mean and tire eating sharp. While the official loop is only 6.2 miles long, making your way through the network of criss-crossing trails can be tough even with a GPS and, depending on the size of your group and their skill level, you can easily expect this trail to take 4 to 5 hours to complete

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Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Achy Breaky Trail Coordinates: 34.778250° -117.055083° Coordinates: 34.778250° -117.055083°