Angel Peak Loop

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Angel Peak Loop
Photo: Angel Peak Trail Shot
Trail Information
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Trail Length:
Trail Time: 4-5 hours
Terrain: Gravel, Washboard, Rocky
Off-Road Use: Licensed vehicles only
Difficulty: Easy, Stock 4X4 Vehicles
County: Clark County, NV
Nearest Cities: North Las Vegas, NV
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Climate: Desert
Elevation: 2450ft to 8200ft and back

This is a cool drive with a long, steep loose climb to the top of &^%$#$% Mtn. You’ll find natural springs, lots of wildlife and awesome views the entire run. The trail goes up to 8,200 ft. then back down to around 4,250ft. Desert pin striping is most probable. It is a stock friendly run with an experienced driver and/or spotter. It should only take 4 to 5 hr to complete depending on the size of your group. If you are lucky, you may see a band of wild Horse or Burro.

With Las Vegas summer daytime temps at a buck 10+ this is a great night run.

There is one section of this trail that requires an aggressive climb in a stock 4wd due to the steepness and loose rock. As was stated to me by Jon the driver of a stock Jeep TJ, "I made it up that with open diffs, but it wasn't pretty". If you have a locker you can creep up the steep section if not it just takes a little speed and determination. The big pic below is a photo of the steep section.


I'll be running Angels this weekend and will update the Directions after I get more info

The easiest way to start this trail is head up Kyle Canyon Rd (NV 157) approximately 10 miles from US 95 there will be guard rails on both sides of NV 157 and a small pull off to the north and the start of a trail just west of this guard rail. If you hit Harris Spring Rd you have gone too far. The pull off is 2.7 miles from Harris Spring Road. That is the beginning of the trail. From here it is best to go with someone that has done this trail before as there are lots of side paths that can be explored, but mostly the trail is pretty straightforward. It will loop around and end back on NV 157 close to the Mt Charelston lodge.

I ran this trail 05/11/2013. The trail is 10.1 miles from NV 157. The guard rails are a great give away because it will be the first time you see guard rails on NV 157.

The trail has washed out a lot in places and is no longer straight forward. There is a tough stretch at 4.5 miles and again at 5.6 miles.

Beautiful views, lots of side trails, easy to find and close to the strip. This trail is great is your vehicle is up to the tough stretches.

Comments, Run Reports, Photos[edit]

Up coming run. 4-28-09 Angel Peak Loop Meet at US 95 / Kyle Canyon Rd at 8:30am depart at 9. Run put on by Vegas Vally 4 Wheelers [1]

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