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The AZ strip encompases some of the most remote terrain in the western US. This is whats makes the Strip so special is its solitude. There are numerous pages that discuss the strip in detail from BLM and NPS sites. The three most important things when traveling in the strip are one: Bring plenty of water, especially in the summertime. Two: Bring two fullsize spares or one and a good patch kit. Three: Do NOT travel without plenty of maps! It is easy to get a little turned around especially if a trail closure/washout forces you to make path changes. I guess there is probably four items: Do not travel alone if possible, but if you do then leave a very detailed itinerary with a responsible individual back in civilization.

Arizona Strip
USA Arizona Mojave ArizonaStrip.jpg
Trail Information
Other Names: Parashant National Monument
Part of: BLM NPS Grand Canyon North Rim
Trail Length:
Trail Time: hours to days
Terrain: car friendly to buggy territory
Off-Road Use:
Difficulty: 1 on main roads when dry 5 when wet
County: Mojave, AZ
Nearest Cities: Mesquite, NV - St. George, UT - Colorado City, AZ - Kanab, UT - Fredonia, AZ
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map:
Special Map:
GPS Start:
GPS End:
Google Earth: [Arizona Strip KML]


There are numerous ways to enter the AZ Strip or Parashant NM. The quickest and easiest is to drop straight south from St George, UT on River Rd. As River Rd crosses into AZ it becomes the 1069. From there you can go just about anywhere.

Photo Gallery and Shouts[edit]

This is looking towards the top of Elbow Canyon.



[History of the Arizona Strip]