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The Barona Oaks Raceway is run by the California Mini Motorcycle Club. CMMC originated in 1973, and is a non for profit organization run by an all volunteer board of directors. CMMC is the Home of Champions in both rider accomplishments and the support of the amateur sport of motocross.

Barona Oaks Raceway is located on the Barona Indian Reservation in East San Diego County just outside the town of Ramona. The raceway has recently come under fire from nearby homeowners living in the San Diego Country Estates. The residents are complaining about noise, dust and exhaust from motorcycles and ATVs on the track every weekend.

The homeowners knew about the track when the moved in. Now that it is becoming more used and more popular, they want the track moved. San Diego County Supervisor has called a meeting for 08-03-07 to discuss the situation and try to find a loophole to intervene via Air Pollution Control District, Codes Department, Department of Environmental Health or Noise Control.

The Baraona Indians are not legally bound to anything except tribal and federal regulations. Any state regulations do not have to be adhered to by the tribe.

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