Bedford Road

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Bedford Road
Eagle Road.jpg
Photo: The top of Eagle Road, facing Riverside and San Bernardino Counties
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: Cleveland National Forest
Trail Length:
Trail Time:
Off-Road Use: Trail only
Difficulty: Moderate
County: Riverside County, California
Nearest Cities: Corona, CA
Map Links: Google Map
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Special Map:
GPS Start: 33.796602,-117.530445
GPS End:
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If you are looking for a challenging trail then Bedford Road is the trail for you. Also called Route 4S03 or Eagle Road, it's easy to miss the entrance to this hidden dirt road if you’re not alert. Bedford Road starts at Wierick Road at the base of the Santa Ana Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest. Once on track, simply follow the road to reach a steep incline south of Eagle Glen golf course.

Drive further up and you reach one of the highest peaks in Bedford. Here you can find an antenna installation. This road then goes forward to join up with the Main Divide Road. Keep driving south and you reach the Ortega Highway. The well-known Overlook Restaurant is located here. The entire route provides for a lot of thrills and challenges. The terrain varies from hard pack roads to loose sandy sections and winds uphill and downhill a number of times.

When planning this exciting trip be sure to check for any closings with the Corona Forest Station, Cleveland National Forest at (909) 736-1811. You don’t want any forest fires or the weather to play spoil-sport.

It winds up Eagle Canyon towards Main Divide Road. As of October, 2006, this trail is closed. Please check with Cleveland National Forest rangers to see if it is open.

The gate to this trail is often locked. Contact the Forest Service for details.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Bedford Road Coordinates: 33.796602° -117.530445° Coordinates: 33.796602° -117.530445°

Conditions and Closures[edit]

It is always wise to check with the Cleveland National Forest to make sure that your trail is open.

Cleveland National Forest Contact Information

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Cleveland National Forest - Current Conditions and Closures