Berdoo Canyon Trail

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The Berdoo Canyon Trail starts at Joshua Tree National Park Geology Tour and ends at Dillon Road in a loop formation. This trail passes through the Berdoo Canyon and the terrain is sandy and has a difficult rating of 4.

Accessible the year round, with the best time to travel between October and June the route passes by some very scenic locations.

At the start the trail goes southwards into the Little San Bernardino Mountains and then ascends the bajada into the Berdoo Canyon. This section may be a challenge as the sand is loose in many places due to the rainfall.

Once you enter the canyon you find yourself in the wash. The drive takes you further with towering canyon walls on either side and there is not much vegetation along the way either. Yet, if you observe closely you will see wildlife like woodrats, coyotes and birds of prey.

In the difficult sections drive through carefully to avoid any accidents.

As you near the end of the trail you come upon the old Berdoo Camp. At the moment all you get to see are the concrete shells of the old building. The trail then takes you onto a paved road and out of the Berdoo Canyon.

Campers should camp in the designated campgrounds only and nowhere else.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Berdoo Canyon Trail Coordinates: 33.910333° -116.056667° Coordinates: 33.910333° -116.056667°