Bighorn Wilderness

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Bighorn Wilderness
Photo: Rattlesnake Canyon/Sidewinder
Trail Information
Other Names: None
Part of: Bighorn Wilderness
Trail Length: miles
Trail Time: hours
Terrain: Desert Mountain
Off-Road Use: Limited Access
County: San Bernadino, Ca
Nearest Cities: Lucerne, CA
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Satellite Map:
Special Map:
GPS Start:
GPS End:
Google Earth: Rattlesnake Canyon.kmz
Elevation: 3,000 to 8,000 ft.


The only access to the area with a vehicle is Rattlesnake Canyon Rd. Stay on the road since the wilderness area borders both sides of the canyon. This is a cattle access route so watch out for them, keep speeds down to a minimum to avoid hitting them. Respect private property stay on the road since the rancher has allowed access to the canyon through his property in the wash. Entrance is on SR-247 and Rattlesnake Canyon Rd.

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Area Map
Area Map
Area Map