Black Mountain Road

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One of the difficult trails, Black Mountain Road starts at California 78 and ends near Ogilby Road.

The good news is that you can travel this route in a passenger vehicle as well as a 4WD and you can start this trail from the start and end point as well. It is better however that only 4WDs do this trail in reverse as climbing up the Black Mountain from the south is not easy. You are often propped up at an angle of 35 degrees at some places.

Your trail at first takes you on a graded road along the base of Black Mountain. This soon changes to a single-lane paved road as you start ascending the northern section of the mountain. The terrain is largely made up of black volcanic boulders and a mix of vegetation like ocotillos, chollas and creosore bushes. As you ascend to the Imperial Sand Dunes some nice views greet you.

At the top of the Black Mountain you see communication towers. The view also includes Chocolate Mountains, parts of Colorado river, Arizona, Cargo Muchacho Mountains and Picacho Peak.

When you descend the Black Mountain the trail again turns into a dirt road and it gets quite steep. As the ground is made up of loose soil which gets worse when it rains, it is better to hike the way down. At the bottom, the trail moves across a bajada and small washes.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Black Mountain Road Coordinates: 33.090667° -114.856333° Coordinates: 33.090667° -114.856333°