Black Mountain Truck Trail

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Gate to Black Mountain Road via Pamo Rd closed due to rains as of 2/14/2007
An offshoot of the Santa Ysabel Creek Trail, the Black Mountain Truck Trail is where you will encounter rough, uneven rocky areas which can make the ride bumpy. After about 3 miles on, you cannot take your vehicle any further. Take the option of hiking, horse riding or use the mountain bikes right up to the top of the peak.

When the road is dry you can probably make it in a 2WD high clearance vehicle but it is rocky. After recent rains, 4WD is recommended, as some of the mud holes get deep and very sticky. Mud Terrain tires also recommended after it rains as the mud will gather on your All Terrain tires and you will start to lose a significant amount of steering control. All Terrain = Acceptable Mud Terrain = Preferable

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Difficulty: easy (2.5).

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