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Cleveland National Forest Off-Road Map
Blackstar Canyon is a perfect example of a spooky adventure. The area has a lot of history and was a site for multiple Indian massacres that occurred during the Spanish occupation. Perhaps it is this history that has contributed to the legends surrounding this place. Numerous hikers have spoken of strange sightings. Indians roaming on horseback or walking along the creek and then suddenly disappearing from view, are the common ones. You get the feeling you are being watched and followed around. Campers have noted hearing screams at night as well. This trail is definitely not for the weak hearted.

This trail starts in Blackstar Canyon and climbs the Santa Ana Mountains to meet Main Divide Road at the top.

If you decide you want to try it out make sure to travel in groups. You will come across many ‘Private Property’ signboards. It is best to ignore them as the Orange County Sheriff’s Office has notified that the whole trail is open to public. These boards are the handiwork of squatters who want people off the land.


Blackstar canyon is currently closed to public vehicles. The road is blocked by a locked gate. You can still hike or mountain bike but public motorized vehicles are prohibited. You can access Blackstar Canyon from the northern end of the Santa Ana Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest. Take Chapman Ave. (Orange) east. Chapman turns into Santiago Canyon Rd. Turn off on to Silverado Canyon Rd. and take the first left which is Black Star Canyon Rd. Park at the end of the road near the gate. The trail is a wide dirt road overlooking the chaparral canyons. At about 5.6 miles you will reach the Hidden Ranch – a well known cattle ranch. An old ranger area, Beek's Point, is at the top. While on the trail be alert for cow patties, rattlesnakes, mountain lions, and bike-chasing dogs.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Blackstar Canyon Coordinates: 33.775797° -117.676251° Coordinates: 33.775797° -117.676251°

Conditions and Closures[edit]

It is always wise to check with the Cleveland National Forest to make sure that your trail is open.

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