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The Bradshaw Trail is a historical trail that connects the mines at La Paz, Arizona to San Bernardino, California and with wonderful scenic views. This is quite an easy trail to follow and starts at Palo Verde, on the Colorado River right up to the Salton Sea.

This trail is best done in dry weather and a 2WD should do just fine. However you may need a good 4WD if you go to the Salt Creek section which is located towards the west end of the trail.

As you drive down you pass by the Palo Verde Mesa, the Mule Mountains Long-Term Visitor Area, Wiley Well Campground, Chuckwalla Mountains, Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range and the Salt Creek Wash.

Campers can use the Wiley Well Campground, near the Mule Mountains Long Term Visitors Area which is suitable for short and long term camping. RV drivers are permitted in between September and April. Here is where you can view snowbirds in winter.

As you go out of this camping area the trail changes to many shallow washes in the southern side of the Chuckwalla Mountains.

Further on, you traverse the northern end of the Chocolate Mountains Aerial Gunnery Range which is a designated military zone. Be careful not to stray into this section and keep to the main trail. The main trail will take you to the Chuckwalla Bench which is a zone sandwiched between the Chuckwalla and Orocopia Mountains to the north and the Chocolate Mountains to the south.

You will see a lot of yuccas, chollas, ocotillos, sagebrush and creosote bushes here.

The trail then moves into the Salt Creek Wash which is a very shallow canyon with sandy terrain. This trail then leaves this area through the Coachella canal which is at Salton Sea.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Bradshaw Trail Coordinates: 33.493333° -114.763667° Coordinates: 33.493333° -114.763667°