Brooklyn Mine Road

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The Brooklyn Mine Road evolved due to mining activity in the area and has a moderate difficulty rating. This is a short trail but terrain is rough and rocky.

Starting at California 62 you are led into the bajada and up the Pinto Mountains.

This section tests your vehicle to its limits as the passing places are very limited and narrow. You need to be careful of the rocks and the wheel placements and side panels need to be carefully monitored.

Once you get through this difficult phase you can breathe easy a bit.

You'll sight your first mine here and soon enter the Joshua Tree National Park. On the saddle you reach the Supply Mine. This trail then moves past New Dale where all that's left are tin cans and odd rubble. You continue into the Pinto Mountains to later descend into the wash.

Around this section you can reach the Brooklyn Mine and then onto the Gold Rose, the Rose of Peru and the Los Angeles Mine. Be careful to drive slowly as the surface is uneven and loose.

To reach the end of this trail simply drive down the wash, pass the bajada and reach Old Dale which is to the north of the Mission Well.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Brooklyn Mine Road Coordinates: 34.113667° -115.709500° Coordinates: 34.113667° -115.709500°