Broom Flats

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2N61Y - Difficult.gif
Trail Information
Other Names: Broom Flats
Part of: San Bernadino National Forest
Trail Length: miles
Trail Time: hours
Terrain: Rocks
Off-Road Use: Limited Access
Difficulty: Difficult - Difficult.gif
County: San Bernadino, Ca
Nearest Cities: Big Bear City, CA
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map:
GPS Start: SR-38 and 2N01: N34* 12.455' W116* 44.289 - 2N01 and 2N61Y: N34* 12.449' W116*43.89'
GPS End: N34* 13.639' W116* 40.295'
Google Earth:
Climate: 7 Day Forecast
Elevation: 8,000 ft.
== Trail Adopted By: ==
Riverside 4 Wheelers


From East bound I-10 exit University St., turn left and go 1 mile to Lugonia (SR-38), turn right and go 40 miles to 2N01, turn right on 2N01, follow 2N01 to the 2N89Y and 2N61Y intersections.

(Note: Lugonia will become Mentone and Mentone will become Mill Creek Rd, remain on SR-38 to 2N01)

Photo Gallery[edit]

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Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Area Map
Trail Map