Calcite Mine Trail

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The Calcite Mine Trail is a short yet guaranteed to thrill trail in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

You can choose to begin at S22 about 18.5 miles east of the Borrego Springs either in your 4WDs, mountain bikes or on foot. Be careful to look out for the information markers as you cross the south fork of Palm Wash and get on the other side. This used to be frequented during the war but now there are only a few traces of the road remaining, just enough to let your 4WD pass. About 0.9 miles from the start you will encounter the difficult section of this trail. Here is where your 4WD will be tested with the uneven terrain and wet greasy clay surface. Avoid this trail in the rains.

You carry on this trail along the ridge top which provides some good scenic views of south of Mexico. Just below you see the sediment walls of Palm Wash. As you move on, the terrain changes to that of large boulders and even on foot this is a challenge to cross. If you choose to hike all the way, you will come across lots of narrow slotlike canyons.

Your trail will end when you reach the Calcite Mine Area. Views of Mexico greet you here along with the deep trenches of the mine. Do not collect the calcite crystals from this area as it is prohibited. If you want to see places east of the Salton Sea, you must climb over the Canebreak conglomerate rocks from here.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Calcite Mine Trail Coordinates: 33.281000° -116.095667° Coordinates: 33.281000° -116.095667°