Cedar Creek Road

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Cedar Creek Rd.

Cedar Creek Road branches off of Boulder Creek Road about 13 miles from its start in Descanso (at the hairpin turn) and goes about 3.5 miles to Eagle Peak Road. The road was closed for about two years after the Cedar fire, again in 2006 for a rock slide and again for two years after the Witch Fire. The road is now open in dry weather but is closed when wet or when the fire danger is high. The road is easy for a 4WD crossover but there are a couple of spots that may be a bit challenging for a high clearance 2WD vehicle. There are a couple of steep rocky areas but they aren't too bad going downhill (from the Boulder Creek Road end). However, you may want a vehicle with low range going uphill (from the Eagle Peak Road end). It goes through some shady riparian areas as well as along some steep shelves with great views.

The location of the junction with Boulder Creek Road is 32°59'4.56"N 116°40'37.75"W

Difficulty: easy (2.5).


I have taken Cedar Creek Road in my Subaru Forester several times. The road has a few rough spots, I've even gotten a bit of wheel spin in a couple of places, but there is no real challenge at all. I have seen high clearance 2WD vehicles make the trip starting at the Boulder Creek Road end. It's a nice little trip. I have always started from the Boulder Creek Road end so I can't rate the road going the opposite direction. There is a pretty steep uphill grade about 3/4 mile in if you start at the Eagle Peak Road end. However, I saw someone in a Nissan Xterra take the grade with no problem.

If you enter from Boulder Creek Road, Cedar Creek Road exits into the parking area for Cedar Creek Falls. When you pass the big white gate at the end of Cedar Creek Road, make an immediate hairpin turn to the right to start up Eagle Peak Road. If you go straight you end up pointed down a closed road and have to turn around. The forest ranger wannabes don't monitor the parking area anymore but it is a bit crowded and turning around may be difficult if you miss the hairpin.