Cibola Wildlife Refuge Trail

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A great trail to use all year round with a low difficulty and plenty of beautiful views, the Cibola Wildlife Refuge Trail is quite popular. This trail is suitable for passenger vehicles and mountain bikes.

The trail starts at Cibola Bridge and travels parallel to the Colorado river. This is mainly a dirt road and is bordered with arrow weeds at many places. Due to its proximity with the river, this is a great trail for fishing.

Campers delight

The trail takes you past the Oxbow Recreation Area where camping is permitted by the riverside. You can find good campsites that offer privacy in the Oxbow Lagoon. The campsite allows you to stop, fish and have a day picnic and the use of these facilities is chargeable. However it is free if you just drive past this area without stopping by.

Campers should be aware that lighting camp fires and camping in general is not permitted inside the refuge.

Hunting, Boating and Fishing

During the season, hunting and fishing are permitted. Hunters should know that this activity is limited and a lottery system is in place at 4:30 a.m. daily in season.

You have a range of wildlife hunting that includes deer, cottontail rabbit, quail, goose, duck, coot, mourning dove and gallinule. You must have a hunting permit to take part.

Boating and using motor vehicles is also not permitted inside the area during certain seasons. You can uses canoes and kayaks on the old river channel while general boating is permitted in the main dry cut of the Colorado channel. There are certain areas that are off limits in some seasons.

To fish freely within the refuge ensure that you have the Colorado River Fishing stamp. The anglers have a great choice of small and large-mouthed bass, striped bass, channel catfish, crappie, sunfish and many more

To know the specific regulations it is best checked with the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge authorities.

The trail forms a loop back to the embankment near Walters Camp and as you drive past, you see mountains on both sides of the river. The trail ends at the paved River Road, at the southern end of Cibola in Ariozona.

For those who wish to access the Canada Goose Drive, you have to go further on from the endpoint. The area has alfalfa fields and in winter you see wintering fowl like Canada geese and sandhill cranes, doves and meadowlarks.

Maps and GPS Coordinates

Cibola Wildlife Refuge Trail Coordinates: 33.415833° -114.659833° Coordinates: 33.415833° -114.659833°