Cinder Hills OHV Area

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The Cinder Hills is a scenic recreation area enjoyed by many off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. Its numerous volcanic cinder cones and craters surrounded by a ponderosa pine forest environment gives the area its unique value. Due to a growing interest in this area for off-highway vehicle recreation, additional management direction is needed to protect sensitive resources and to provide for continuing use of this recreation.

Approximately 13,500 acres in the Cinder Hills has been designated for off-highway vehicle recreation. Management emphasis is for the use of 2-, 3-, and 4-wheel vehicles. Within the 13,500 acre area, portions will have use restricted to a relatively dense network of designated routes which will be identified at a later date. Generally unrestricted use will be on areas devoid of vegetation or with sparse vegetation and without such things as sensitive plants, archaeological sites, critical wildlife habitat, excessively steep slopes, or visually sensitive areas.

A sensitive resource area of 53,000 acres surrounding the designated off-highway use area has been set aside as closed to cross-country travel. Designated travel routes provided in this area are shown on the map as forest routes. Certain forest routes within the Cinder Hills are restricted to licensed vehicles only for safety purposes.

Other areas closed to off-highway vehicle travel include Sunset Crater National Monument and Strawberry Crater Wilderness. Please respect these closure areas.

A "No Glass Container" policy will be enforced in the Cinder Hills to help reduce the problem and to provide a safe and healthy environment for all users. Representatives from various user groups of 2-. 3-. and 4-wheel vehicles have been involved in the planning and use in the cinder Hills and this coordination will continue.


Location: 13 miles northeast of downtown Flagstaff, south of Sunset Crater/Wupatki National Monument. Elevation is 6,900 feet. Drive northeast of Flagstaff on US 89 approximately 7 miles north of Flagstaff Mall. Turn east (right) on FR 776.