Cinnamon Pass

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Cinnamon Pass
Off-Road Information
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Terrain: dirt road/4x4/atv/dirtbike
Off-Road Use:
Difficulty: Easy(3)
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County: Hinsdale
Nearest Cities: Silverton, CO Lake City, CO
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GPS Coords: 37.9117/-107.336
Google Earth: Cinnamon_Pass.kmz
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Cinnamon Pass is a fairly long, easy trail that forms the southern half of the Alpine Loop. Cinnamon Pass is not as high as Engineer Pass, so the views are not quite as amazing. Still, this is a great trail for very stock 4x4 vehicles that do not wish to try Engineer Pass.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

A comprehensive list of GPS waypoints and tracks in Google Earth format can be found here: Cinnamon_Pass.kmz

Cinnamon Pass Coordinates: 37.9117° -107.336° Coordinates: 37.9117° -107.336°