Copper Cache

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Copper Cache
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Photo: Waterfall
Trail Information
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Part of:
Trail Length:
Trail Time: 2-3 hours once at trailhead
Terrain: Gravel, Washboard, Rocky, wet/dry waterfalls
Off-Road Use: Licensed vehicles only
Difficulty: Slightly modified 4X4 Vehicles
County: Clark County, NV
Nearest Cities: Nelson, NV
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GPS Start: N35° 42.178 W114° 49.109
GPS End:
Google Earth:
Climate: Desert
Elevation: 2000ft to 2600ft and back

This is a very short (distance wise) loop that starts & ends near the small town of Nelson. It is not likely passable in a stock 4wd with open diffs, especially if it is wet. 31's with some sort of locking diff can make it if the wheelbase is in the low 100" region. Two decent waterfalls one with a bypass one not so much. V notch section with short loose climb. See photos.


Take 95 south of Boulder City about 10 miles. Make a turn east on 165 towards Nelson. When you come up on the little trailer town of Nelson there will be a small electrical substation to your right, go past the substation a couple hundred more yards and the highway will make a sharp bend to the left. At the beginning of this bend there will be a pull off on the right side of the road, take this turn off. This is a good spot to air down. Go about 100 yards and turn right up the wash. This is the trail. You will hit the first waterfall in less then a 1/4 to 1/2 mile. This is the unavoidable one. Stay in this wash to the right at all times and it will loop back to a gravel road. When you hit the gravel road by large mine ruins turn right and you will be back in Nelson in about a 1/2 mile.

Comments, Run Reports, Photos[edit]

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Waterfall that has no bypass in photo below (Both Jeeps are running on 37's to gain a perspective of size.) 616264886 yHfT4-XL.jpg