Cucamonga Big Tree Trail

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Cucamonga Big Tree Trail
San Sevaine Trail View.jpg
Photo: View of Fontana from the Trail
Trail Information
Other Names: 1N34, San Sevaine
Part of: San Bernardino National Forest
Trail Length: 13 miles
Trail Time: 1.0 hour (one way)
Terrain: Mountains
Off-Road Use: Street Legal Only
Difficulty: Easy
County: San Bernardino
Nearest Cities: Rancho Cucamonga
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Google Earth: Cucamonga big tree/San Sevaine Rd.kmz
Elevation: 2,000 to 6,300 ft.

This trail was burnt in the fires of 2004 and was closed in 2005. On 9/21/08, the eastern end of this trail was re-opened. This easily traveled portion of the trail starts at Lytle Creek Road Google Map and ends at the Joe Elliott Campground (Undeveloped Campsite) Googlr Map and the site of the once glorious Joe Elliott Tree, there is the trailhead of the Cucamonga Peak Trail (Hiking) Cucamonga Peak Trail The remainder of the trail is questionable if it will ever be re-opened. Due to erosion, a section of the trail is reportedly completely gone due to a landslide in Calamity Canyon Google Map.

The part that has been re-opened is commonly known as the San Sevaine Road, Forest Route 1N34 or Big Tree Truck Rd. The trail has wonderful views of the Inland Empire as well as some brief views of the Cajon Pass and the high desert region. The trail is only open from the day after Labor Day until March 1st or the first heavy snowfall.

In addition to the great views, there is a piece of history hidden along the trail in the form of native indian morteros. These holes in the stones are formed by years of grinding acorns for meal by the natives of the mountains.