Deadman's Canyon Trail

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also known as Deadman's Loop and Deadman's trail.

Don't let the name fool you. Deadman's Canyon is a relatively easy trail that most stock 4x4's can run. According to local legend, Deadman's Canyon got it's name from stagecoach drivers in the 19th Century speeding down the trail. Deadman's Canyon Trail offers a beautiful view of Washoe Lake, wild mustangs, and other wonders.

The trail begins at N39 14.796 W119 45.414 off of Highway 428 near the ranger's station. It winds it's way to Goni Road at N3914.518 W119 44.188. From there, you can take Goni Road south to Carson City/ Dayton or head northeast to Mount McClellan and Jumbo Grade. There are various "spur" trails that provide recreation to numerous OHV enthusiasts.