Deer valley

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Trail can be run from North to South (difficulty of 6 out of 10) or South to North (difficulty of 7 out of 10). Northern trail head is in the campground at the southern tip of Lower Blue Lake, just east of Twin Lake. The trail runs south from this point along Blue Creek in Clover Valley. This is the first water crossing. Be sure to check water levels before crossing. After winters with heavy snow, there may be quite a bit of runoff.

The trail then continues south past Deer Valley and you come to Deer Creek, which is the second water crossing. Either crossing is a good spot to stop for lunch. The last third to half of the trail in this direction is a bit more rocky and precarious. Tight squeezes through trees and rocks. Skid plates are highly recommended, and lockers help but I made it without any going this direction. Very pretty trail. Bring bug spray!

Going South to North is just the opposite, but more uphill and more rock climbing, so it is more difficult. The southern trail head is just off S.R. 4 West of Ebbet's Pass and Hermit Valley.