Desert NWR

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Desert NWR
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Other Names: Desert National Wildlife Refuge; Mormon Well Road
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Desert NWR is located of the 95 apprx. 25 north of Las Vegas there is only a small sign to alert you to the 4 mile rd that leads to its entry so watch your odo. The best sign you are close is a small outcropping of trailer homes about four miles off to the east side of the interstate. These homes are about seven miles past the Paiute exit. The access road to the community is called Corn Creek rd. Use this road but continue to go straight untill field station. There are two roads both will take you over the mountains and over to the 93 but the Alamo rd is currently impassable and vehicular travel is prohibitted past cabin springs so take the right hand trail Mormon Well rd. This is a great round trip of about 100 miles it is also easy, street legal vehicles only and this is enforced.