Devil's Hole

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Devil's Hole
Devil's Hole.jpg
Photo: Devil's Hole Trail
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: San Bernadino, CA
Trail Length:
Trail Time:
Terrain: Dirt Road
Off-Road Use: Limited Access
Difficulty: Easy Easy.gif
County: San Bernadino, CA
Nearest Cities: Lake Arrowhead, CA
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map: Google Satellite
Special Map: Google Earth Hybrid
GPS Start: 34.29365,-117.145469
GPS End: 34.300608,-117.128356
Google Earth:
Climate: 7 Day Forecast


The Devil's Hole Trail (3N34D) leads off of Willow Creek (3N34) towards Deep Creek. Where it reaches the creek, there is a large sandy beach by a pool of water. The only way to cross the river here is on a motorcycle trail (2W01).

The final section of the trail down to Devil's Hole is steep and not recommended for 2WD vehicles but there is a parking area along the trail where you can leave your vehicle (with an Adventure Pass) and hike the rest of the way.

If you park at the bottom of the trail, make sure you park well off of the road. The water hole is a popular destination for fisherman, hikers, and swimmers and more than one traffic jam has occured at the trail's end. Turning your vehicle around before you park is highly advised. You never know what the next guy in an oversized SUV will do--Senior Crab 01:29, 14 August 2010 (UTC). If you are on a motorcycle and cross the creek you can follow the trail through the only "true" legal single track trail in the SBNF.

This trail is part of the Lake Arrowhead area in the San Bernardino National Forest.


Devil's Hole Coordinates: 34.297314° -117.117009° Coordinates: 34.297314° -117.117009°

Photo Gallery[edit]

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Video Gallery[edit]

Videos: Here is a good video that features some of the trails above, along with some aerial video footage of the area: Arrowhead OHV

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Devil's Hole Coordinates: 34.297314° -117.117009° Coordinates: 34.297314° -117.117009°

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