Devil Peak / Canyon

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Devil Peak / Canyon
Devil Canyon's Trail Head.jpg
Photo: Trail Head
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: BLM
Trail Length: 10 miles
Trail Time: 4 hours
Terrain: Rocky canyon wash
Off-Road Use: Licensed vehicles only
Difficulty: Hard 3.5 out of 5
County: Clark County, NV
Nearest Cities: Jean, NV
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GPS Start:
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Elevation: 1500ft to 3000ft

Devil Peak or Canyon is a extremely ruff trail, some place between a 3 or 4 rating out of 5. Possible body damage could occur. Vehicles should have a minimum of 33” tries and at least one locker. This trail should be run with an experienced spotter that is familiar with this trail. The trail consists of gravel, rocks, boulders, dry water falls, a v notch climb, all with a slippery sand or dust covering. There are mines to explore if so inclined. This is an up and back run so you will have to run each obstacle twice.

Direction to the trail head: From Las Vegas go south on I15 (Los Angeles) Exit at Jean. Head East to Las Vegas Boulevard, Go south on Las Vegas Boulevard. The road will end at an underpass for I15, Go under the I15 this is the trail head. There is a small convergence of dirt trails on the west side of the I15, you want to take the one that heads in a SW direction. Follow this dirt road up to the mountain and canyon entrance. Do not veer off this road or you’ll miss the canyon.

Devil Peak 2 edited.jpg First obstical.jpg

600 8105018.jpg One of the mines along the trail side.jpg

Blazer on the rocks.jpg An optional obstacle at Devil Canyon Pass.jpg Mine stuff.jpg