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Diablo Drop off is pretty much the only connection between the trails south of Vallecito Mountains and Fish Creek, in another words connection between Highway S-2 and 78.

Diablo Drop-off is marked as one way only (south to north, downhill) just because the first drop is fine sand / silt and is very difficult to run it uphill (Don't try it alone) the second drop is short steep and challenging with large steps that plunges you into a narrow dry creek /canyon with lot of mid size rocks ending at Fish Creek.

Trail begins at Arroyo Seco del Diablo Google Map and ends at Fish Creek Google Map the first drop is at Google Map, there you get some great views of the Vallecito Mountains and the Fish Creek, nice place to camp in spite of no shade. Check Wikimapia.com for more information and some pictures.

This trail can also be accessed from Arroyo Tapiado at Google Map connecting with Arroyo Seco del Diablo at Google Map and shortly after with Diablo Drop-off.

I've done the Diablo trail a couple times in a stock Jeep Cherokee both directions. It can be extremely tricky going uphill as mentioned above. It really helps to have a spotter and don't stop till you get to the top or you'll be going back downhill in reverse to try it again and again! It also helps if you get spinning in the sand to lower your tires' air pressure to widen your footprint.

I went another time down in a Land Rover filled with camping gear and we got stuck about a dozen times. As mentioned above, it is not a good idea to be alone on this trail! We did finally make it up around sunset after lowering the tire pressure and really stomping on the gas pedal the whole ride up. The canyon that unloads into Fish Creek is pretty narrow and rocky as stated previously but careful navigation and a smart spotter and you can make it through with a stock Jeep Cherokee or better. (I wouldn't take any monster SUV in there though, it is narrow.

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First drop Second drop

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