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Q: Why are you posting my local trails online? They might get shut down.

Your "secret" trails are already on the Internet, and have been ever since the first online forum created a "trail report" section. There are now hundreds of off-road forums, and many more news groups, email lists and personal web pages that document thousands and thousands of off-road trails across the US. This information is rarely removed from the Internet, and all indications show the amount of information on the Internet to continue growing indefinitely. Face it, the spread of information is unstoppable in the Internet age.

Dirtopia's vision is to organize that information and present it in a responsible way. By informing the curious off-roader of local rules, boundaries and habitat considerations, we can encourage them to 'wheel responsibly and keep our trails open.

Jim Walczak does a great job of explaining the need for accurate trail information on the Internet in his article Are We Killing Our Trails?.

Q: How do I create or edit an article?

Editing a Dirtopia page is very simple. Find the page that you want to edit and click the "Edit" tab at the top. If you need help with the formatting commands, visit the Help page, the Quick Editing Guide or the Trail Creation Guide. If you don't care about formatting, just add any text that you want and someone will come by later and clean up after you.

Q: Who can use the article that I write?

Everybody! Just like Dirtopia, all Dirtopia articles are automatically licensed in a way that allows anyone to use the material created on this site for any non-commercial purpose. Please see our Terms of Use for more information.

Q: Why are you doing this?

Everyone should be able to find comprehensive information on off-road trails and areas. Wiki software, with it's emphasis on collaborative content editing, makes this possible.

Q: What's in it for me?

The satisfaction of sharing your own knowledge with fellow off-road enthusiasts. Isn't that enough?

Q: How do I create one of those "Infoboxes" on the right side of an article?

There are three types of Infoboxes on Dirtopia. They are very simple to use. Follow the instructions on the template page.