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Hello off-roaders,

This months featured trail, the Mojave Road
Your work on Dirtopia continues to get noticed. The site made its first major media appearance this month. The Orange County Register did a story on off-roaders on Main Divide Road, and listed Dirtopia as a great source of off-road information in the print edition.

The featured trail for this month, The Mojave Road, was selected with a bit of bias. I personally worked hard on organizing all of the GPS waypoints for that trail, and I think the article is a great demonstration of how GPS coordinates are useful to off-road explorers, and how coordinates can be used on Dirtopia in the future.

Also, working on that article got me pumped up for an upcoming 3 day trip on the Mojave Road :-)

Take Charge and Become an Area Manager[edit]

There are a few areas in Southern California that are very well organized on Dirtopia, and we need to bring the rest of the country up to par.

Bottom line: I need volunteers to take charge of specific areas that they are familiar with.

I am tracking our Area Managers on this page. If you are interested in joining, please email me.

Being an Area Manager starts by creating a list of off-road areas and trails in your county or state. Write down every trail that you know of and list them on page for your state or county. Getting the trails listed encourages others to write down what they know.

Trail Use Icons[edit]

It's important that every trail article indicates what type of vehicles can be used. To do this, user Mxte and I have created this set of templates with these icons.

The templates indicate the following vehicle types

   * Pre-runners and other 2 wheel drives
   * Four wheel drive vehicles
   * Jeeps and other SWBs
   * Buggies and sand rails
   * Quads and ATV's
   * Side-by-sides and golf carts
   * Motorcycles and dirt bikes
   * Truggy/Rock Crawlers

To use these templates on your trail pages, visit the Access Icons page

Dust Off Those Photo Albums[edit]

We need more trail photos on Dirtopia. Next time you are sitting at your computer with nothing to do, go through all of your old off-road photos. When you see a good one, log in and upload it.

Some of our trails don't have any photos - you can find a list of those trails here: Trails lacking images

How You Can Help Dirtopia[edit]

  1. Spread the word - Plain and simple, we need more people to contribute. Once we get the word out about Dirtopia, this project will explode. Please let your friends, club members, customers and fellow riders know what this site is all about. If you can add a link to your website or talk about us in a forum, that would really help us out.
  2. Add GPS Coordinates - GPS coordinates have become almost a requirement for listing a trail on Dirtopia. Of course, not everyone uses a GPS when they go off-roading, but GPS coordinates also gives us instant access to free street maps, satellite photos, topo maps, Google Earth files and geocaches. Adding theses map links can be done quickly using the mapit template: just type in your GPS coordinates in the following format, and you're ready to go:


The template accepts decimal coordinates, which can be created from any other type of coordinate by copying and pasting into Google Maps.

  1. Add Directions - If you've ever tried to find a trail or open use area, chances are that you got directions from a friend or the web. I know that you remember how to get there, so add it to the site and help someone else find this trail!
  2. Add Photos - Trail photos give us a sense of the terrain and a chance to show off our ride. Most of us have switched to digital cameras, which means that our computers are probably full of photos from our recent off road trips. Just upload a few, please. Just tell us where they were taken, and someone will come by and add them to the correct page.
  3. Create Lists - I like to work top-down, which means I started documenting the trails in Southern California by listing them out, and sorting them by county, national forest and desert region. I never knew how many trails there were in this area -- literally hundreds and hundreds of off-road trails within 200 miles of my home. Organizing them is a real chore if you aren't familiar with a particular area. We really could use your help here.