Dos Cabezas Road

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Dos Cabezas Road
Photo: Site of the old Dos Cabezas station along the San Diego & Arizona Railraod
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County: San Diego
Nearest Cities: Ocotillo, CA
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GPS Start: 32° 45.232' N 116° 2.930' W
GPS End: 32° 45.934' N 116° 9.982' W
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This is a trail that’s open year round and starts at the Imperial Highway (S2), 4 miles northwest of Ocotillo. It follows the Bajada along the base of the Jacumba Mountains. It continues along the wide sandy trail between the Jacumba and Coyote Mountains. In spring the valley is covered with orange ocotillos in full bloom, making this a pleasant sight.

Part of this trail crosses part route of the San Diego & Arizona Eastern Railroad that also runs through the Carrizo Gorge. To access this section you have to take the spur that starts off the old Dos Cabezas Siding. You cannot do this section with your vehicles and need to hike or ride a horse or bike. This also makes it possible to fully experience the whole 11 miles of this section. There is a possibility of re-opening a tourist railroad by the authorities.

If you choose to follow the main trail you can continue along Moreto Canyon to the Imperial Highway. Camping along the way is possible with some great views awaiting you.


Turn south on Dos Cabezas Road off Imperial Highway north of Ocotillo, just north of the power lines and south of the county line. Bear right at each intersection (the road is signed EC119 at first, then EC158) until you reach the San Diego county line and the boundary of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. Continue southwest to the railroad tracks. Dos Cabezas Road runs north of the tracks to the site of the former Dos Cabezas station, but you have the option of crossing the tracks here and continuing to the station site, or turning south on Mortero Canyon Road to Dos Cabezas Spring and Mortero Palms. Passenger cars can usually make it to the station site, but west of there Dos Cabezas Road gets rougher and a high-clearance 4WD vehicle is needed. From the south side of the tracks, you can take Jojoba Canyon Road to Mortero Palms. Dos Cabezas Road ends at a campsite near the north end of Goat Canyon.


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Dos Cabezas Road Coordinates: 32.753833° -116.047333° Coordinates: 32.753833° -116.047333°