East Lanfair Valley Trail

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The East Lanfair Valley Trail starts at Goffs, California and and ends at Searchlight, Nevada. It spans the Mojave National Preserve in a north-south direction and intersects the Mojave Road which travels in the east-west direction.

As soon you begin at Goffs you pass by the Goffs Schoolhouse, a historic place recently renovated and reopened to public. Enter the Mojave National Preserve and the road changes to a small sandy trail heading out to Signal Hill.

Interesting Features[edit]

The trail has some good features along the way. Like the Leiser Ray Mine. You can still see several diggings, concrete foundations and stone walls here. Many choose to go east from this point but if you go further north you get a series of wash lines and ridges intersecting with Mojave Road.

Both the East Lanfair Trail and the Mojave Road move parallel from here for at 5 miles before turning north and west respectively.

The Piute Range now comes into view towards the east and if you take a short spur trail to the west you reach Fort Piute. You can hike from the west to the east of the ridge from here. It is a not a very easy hike though. You get a great panoramic view of the Piute Range and Lanfair Valley

Once you cross the gorge you come across thick vegetation that makes it difficult to pass by quickly. After a while the trail merges with a small graded road at the southern end of the New York Mountains. The trail then turns east and gets rocky as it takes you to the Castle Mountains in Nevada. It is not too easy to complete but once you get past this it gets better and you can enjoy the scenery. You slowly cross into Nevada at Stray Cow Well but you may miss the marking which is simply a white post. From then on it is simply a case of following the trail down the bajada till you reach Searchlight. You pass by an old railroad as you near the end.