Ferguson Lake Road

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A very easy trail with good scenic views, the Ferguson Lake Road passes through the Imperial Long-Term Visitor Area. This is a common spot used for winter RV parking. Remember to obtain your permit to use this facility though.

As you move on from the RV area the trail is not as well maintained as that at the RV area but it is easy to go through with a passenger vehicle right up to the Fergusson Lake.

The road at first passes through the Senator Wash and twists around the lower level of the Chocolate Mountains. You get to cut across washes and ridge tops and get some great views from here. One of the viewpoints offers you a view of the Ferguson Lake, Castle Dome Mountains in Arizona and Chocolate Mountains in California.

At Ferguson Lake[edit]

Campers who want to camp briefly or overnight besides the lake will not find any facilities for themselves. You can choose any area that overlooks the lake. Boating is possible but there are no specific boat ramps.

The trail ends at a turnaround close to the lake and you have to come back the way you entered to exit. Note that there is no exit through the Imperial NWR to the north.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Ferguson Lake Road Coordinates: 32.875000° -114.481833° Coordinates: 32.875000° -114.481833°