Fish Creek Trail

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A Jeep in Sandstone Canyon.

Located in the heart of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, this trail cut through Vallecito Mountains connecting with several other trails, being one of the most transited trails in the area, by itself is an easy trail

Starting point is at Split Mountain Road Google Map 8 miles south of Ocotillo Wells OHV Area, turn right (west/southwest) and begin driving the sandy Fish Creek dry bed trail, 1.4 miles up you come upon the Fish Creek Camp Area (on your left) Google Map which lacks campsite amenities, just fire rings and toilets, there are no official campsites further up.

Moving up, the trail will takes you into the Fish Creek Canyon passing through an area called Split Mountain, here you may have a chance to see ancient fossils of mollusk shells. Refrain from reaching out to collect these.

Further up, the trail become easier to follow, you will encounter forks but these will loop back within a short distance, one of these will leads you to the Wind Caves hiking trails Google Map which have the natural sandstone sculptures.

The main trail carries on southwards into the Diablo Drop-off intersection Google Map turning westward and connecting with Sandstone Canyon Trail Google Map and few others, near its end will connect with Hapaha Flat that will take you to Split Rock Google Map, and Pinyon Mountain Road(now become a difficult trail) Heart attack Hill Google Map, The Squeeze Google Map ending at Highway S-2

Split Mountain

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Fish Creek Trail Coordinates: 33.039667° -116.096000° Coordinates: 33.039667° -116.096000°