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Token Flatbiller
A Bro, Broham, or Flatbiller, is a synonym for a member of a Southern California subculture. The Bro subculture revolves almost completely around dirt biking and motocross. Most Bros are unemployed under-25 year old's and live in the suburbs with their parents. Although usually middle or even upper class, Bros pass themselves off as street-thugish tough guys and use gangster like mannerisms. The ‘bro scene’ is primarily centered around Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside County, Orange County, San Diego, Chino Hills, San Bernardino, Kingman, Arizona and Henderson, NEVADA.

The Bro Style[edit]

The stereotypical bro typically listens to bro rap-metal, metalcore, rap, and pop punk. More often than not, you may encounter Bros wearing flat billed baseball caps and hats with the bill bent up starting from the middle, black or white bandanas rolled up underneath the hat or in the back pocket (or at times both at the same time), Motocross, FMX, or BMX sponsor brands, "Dickies" (and other similar style work pants), large flamboyant belt buckles (iron crosses are popular), black socks pulled up to the knees, and skate shoes - Which is rather hypocritical on account that many bros enjoy making fun of skateboarding and like to drive by skateboarders and call them "skater fags." Nowadays, they wear "bro shoes" made by SRH, Skin, So Cal, and 187 Inc. Many people have also taken note that many of the styles that Bros wear are stolen style ideas from the 1980's Hardcore Punk/Thrash Metal band Suicidal Tendencies, and not to mention a morphed mixture of cholo, skate punk, and gangsta/wigga. (Baggy dickies pants, skate shoes, long socks, flipped up hats, bandanas, etc)

Bros tend to have stuck up and carefree attitudes, even though they care very much about looking tough. Those who identify with the culture enjoy going to places such as Glamis and Lake Havasu, often with the intent to ride motorized vehicles and look tough or "chill". While at these places, they always have parties and get drunk and ride their pit bikes (explained below) around while yelling absurdities such as "Lets fyeeekkin Mobb faaaaahlz" and/or "DGAF for lyfe dawgz!"

Marijuana in particular has become a staple of the bro culture as shown by the popular group the Kottonmouth Kings who adhere to the bro values. Bros embrace the Marijuana leaf as Christians embrace God, and they enjoy drawing weed leafs all over their school binders and school papers. You cannot possibly consider yourself a bro if you do not brag everyday of your life about how "dank and chill" weed is and how much of it you own. More recently in the mid-to late 2000's, Energy drinks, in particular the brand Monster, are considered a bro staple. Some Bro companies such as "Skin Industries" have even taken up the liberty of making their own energy drinks which can be encountered at any No Fear store.

In recent years, due to the uprising popularity of UFC and other MMA fighting sports, Bros have started wearing a brand called "TapouT." Which is a company that sponsors MMA and UFC fighters. Even though most Bros have never been in a fight in their lives and do not have the cardio or endurance to last even 20 seconds in a real fight against a real trained and conditioned fighter, (they smoke and drink too much) most Bros still continue wearing TapouT, most likely for the intimidation/tough-guy factor that the brand portrays.

Bros often sport many tattoos. Common bro tattoos include iron crosses, nautical stars, swallow birds, and word tattoos done in typical old english or blackletter script.

Let us not forget that their women are affectionately called "Bro-Ho's"..or "50's", if you dont get it just think. They are extremely hot and that is why they are with bro's (because bro's are the best). Notorious for their stuck up drama queen attitudes, fake hair color, and nails. Although most of them are hot, there are also a large amount of Bro-Ho's that wear so much makeup caked onto their extremely acne covered faces that if the temperature reaches higher than 90 degrees their face essentially will melt off.

Where To Encounter A Flatbiller[edit]

Bros have become seen in increasing number since the year 2000 in the Pacific Beach and Mission Beach areas of San Diego, but most Bros who reside in San Diego county tend to thrive the most in El Cajon, Santee, and other East County areas. Other cities poisoned by increased Bro activity are the Temecula, Murrieta, and especially Lake Elsinore areas of Riverside county. In the summer when its too hot to "Mobb down to Glamis", they are often ticketed for public intoxication or disorderly conduct in Mission Beach and/or Pacific Beach of San Diego. They have been known to frequent the Fashion Valley Mall and shop regularly at Sun Diego. When shopping at any mall, be wary of your local No Fear store, as this is literally Bro heaven and many Bro's can be seen happily shopping. Tilly's is also another popular Bro shopping spot, on account of the fact that Tillys sells Skin Industries among other certified Bro brands. Lastly, Bros are often spotted acting tough nightly at bars in the PB and Mission Beach areas such as the Sand Bar and Moon Doggies.

Bro Rides[edit]

Almost every Bro owns or dreams about Lifted trucks (Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado, Toyota Tundra, etc) that only rarely (if ever) see dirt, and are covered in Skin, SRH, Metal Mulisha, DGAF, and SoCal stickers. Bros who cannot afford a lifted truck will often go for the "Rice burner" race car style and get a 1995 Honda Civic or older and attempt to make it "Fast and Furious", while covering it with Metal Mulisha stickers to make sure that it still contains a Bro appeal. Contrary to popular belief, Bros usually do not own actual dirtbikes such as CR-250's or YZ-125's, they usually only own "Fiddy's" which are tricked out Honda XR-50s originally intended for children. The Fiddy is an important part of the Bro subculture.

Accusations of Racism[edit]

All stereotypical Flatbillers are essentially just urban rednecks. Often bros are viewed to harbor racist attitudes, which is somewhat ironic, since many listen to rap music. Bros often enjoy making fun of minorities, more often than not, African Americans. Which again, is ironic since most of the time Bros drive around in lifted trucks with 50 Cent music blasting from their speakers. Although the bro-rap groups that bros listen to such as DGAF and Kottonmouth Kings contain all white band members, rap is an African American invention and subculture, which may show that many stereotypical Bros are quite hypocritical and possibly not very intelligent. Although Bros may act racist and/or outwardly exhibit white-supremacist ideals, most of the time there is no reason to be alarmed, as most Bros only exhibit this sort of behavior to add to their "tough guy" image and to stand out in a shocking-yet tough way.

Popular Quotes Used By Bro's[edit]

  • "Braaaaaaaaaaappppp!"
  • "Damn, Bro."
  • "...Spaded, Jaded, FADED faaaaahl!!!"
  • "D.G.A.F."
  • "Damn fahhhl, thats fyeeekkin legit."
  • "Whutsyup dyuuuude?"
  • "Wut Up Bra...???"
  • "That's Dank."
  • "BAMF"
  • "That's Busty."
  • "Tsyup Dawg?"
  • "That's Chill."
  • "Sikk Breeeh!"
  • "This fyeeekkin weed is thuh dankieez fahhhl."
  • "That's Clutch."
  • "Chill homie..."
  • "Letz Mobb fahhhl!"

Famous Bros[edit]

  • Joeseph Anthony Cabrera III
  • Rick Thorne
  • Chucky Styles
  • Big B
  • John Otto
  • Kottonmouth Kings
    • D-Loc
    • Johnny Richter
  • Sikk Soldierz
    • AirborNe DieseAse
    • Rage Against The Machine
    • Brian Johnson
  • Metal Mulisha/Dirtbikers
    • Brian Deegan
    • Scummy
    • Ud_Luz
    • Tyler Evans
    • Carey Hart
    • P-WHITE
    • 54\

Recent Decline[edit]

Most recently, the bro population in many Southern California suburbs has been slowly decreasing, due to the subprime mortgage crisis resulting in the inability to pay housing payments. This is often blamed, rightly or not, to bros' perceived attitude for living in the moment rather than planning for the future, characterized by uninhibited spending on trucks, tattoos, dirtbikes, boats, and a number of other "toys" that they thought they could afford but couldn't, as opposed to investing their money in more prudent and lasting things like a college education. As gas prices rose in the late 2000s, more and more bro trucks were sold or parted with due to the inability to afford their rising gasoline expenses. In addition, the "toy" industry has for the most part died out because of the economic recession and increase in gas prices. Companies that make and sell vehicles such as dune-buggies, lifted golf carts, and lifted trucks are currently having issues and difficulty in making sales.

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