Frenchman Mountain

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Frenchman Mountain
USA Nevada LasVegas FrenchmanMountain.jpg
Photo: Trail Overview
Trail Information
Other Names:
Part of: Nevada
Trail Length: 2 miles
Trail Time: 1 hours
Terrain: Mountains
Off-Road Use: Trail, Maintenance Road
Difficulty: Moderate
County: Clark County, NV
Nearest Cities: Las Vegas, NV
Map Links: Google Map
Satellite Map:
Special Map:
GPS Start: 36°12'07.94"N, 114°59'22.68"W
GPS End: 36°10'37.08"N, 114°59'56.95"W
Google Earth: [Frenchman Mountain]
Climate: 40F-120F depending on the season
Elevation: 2400ft to 4000ft

Frenchman Mountain is the large peak towards the east in the valley. The trail is very steep and has numerous razorbacks requiring a short wheel base - perfect for jeeps. You may need lockers to overcome the loose rocks about mid way up the mountain. Once at the top, you will enjoy a view of the strip most people have not seen before.

Edit: As of 4/09 it appears that this is now a walking trail and off road vehicles are not permitted. We went on a Sunday to try and do this trail, only to find there were "no motor vehicle" signs and about a half dozen vehicles parked at the base of the mountain. Which is why we assumed people were walking/biking. Looked like a lot of fun, but we had to find dirt elsewhere to play in. Maybe another day during the week nobody would be up there??


Head east on Lake Mead Blvd to GPS Point.

As you start to get towards the top of hill on Lake Mead Blvd just outside of developed land you will see the trail heading up the mountain towards your south, can't miss it if you are looking.

Frenchman Mtn Photo Gallery[edit]