Gold Butte

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Gold Butte
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Photo: Gold Butte
Trail Information
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Trail Length:
Trail Time:
Terrain: Desert,Rocks,Washes,Dirt Roads
Off-Road Use: Yes
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
County: Clark
Nearest Cities: Mesquite
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GPS Start: 36.43'53.39 N 114.13'00.58 W
GPS End:
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Climate: Desert
Elevation: 1499ft

The 62-mile scenic trip offers opportunities to see desert wildlife, awesome red and white sandstone, sinkholes, petroglyphs, the Muddy Mountains and Lake Mead. The historic mining town of Gold Butte, established in 1908, is along the route. The primary extractions from Gold Butte are copper, gold, lead and zinc. The last 19 miles of the byway should only be traveled by high-clearance vehicle.


The byway begins about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. Exit I-15 at bridge. Exit the Bunkerville exit from I-15 and head west on Riverside Rd over the Virgin river,then make the first right turn onto New Gold Butte Rd just before the road turns to the left towards the NE and Mesquite,NV. it is a very old blacktop road,and has a lot of blind spots in it,be cautious as you travel and once it levels out,the road is much easier to travel at a decent speed.I did not find any real hard 4x4 areas,but did see a lot of ATVs.You want to be careful of your 4x4'ing here,it is remote and the environemnt can kill you if you are lost,stranded or unprepared.Make sure some one nearby knows where you are going,and when you will return.There is food,fuel and help at Mesquite about 25 minutes or so NE of where you got on the old blacktop road just over the river.You can get there by the 2 lane road going right,or go back to I-15 and turn right to Mesquite, or left to return to Las Vegas.


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