Goler gulch

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Goler Gulch is a mild trail ride. Lots of soft sand, lots of huge rocks, sharp rocks, and some interesting climbs.

At the start of the trail there is a few camp cabins, make sure you pack out what you packed in. At the first cabins on the right of the trail, there is a huge spot to really open up your ride, do some donuts or just chill. 90% of the time there is quads and dirt bikes down there.

When you get to the back of the trail it looks like a dead end, use your imagination at this point. No stock vehicles in there unless you know what your doing. You will get some self clearanced panels on the trail from this point. Every "tough spot" you come across has a way around it that is much easier, but why would anyone want to go the easy way?

All in all its a fun little half day trip for those of us that live in Ridgecrest.

The trail head is located on Garlock, about 3-4 miles in from 395.

Have fun and good luck!