Greenhorn Summit

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Greenhorn Summit is 60 miles (90 minutes) northeast of Bakersfield in the Sequoia National Forest. The elevation at the summit is just over 6,000 feet. From there the trails increase to about 7,400 feet and then drop slightly. From the unloading area the Yurt (warming hut) is about 10 miles by snowmobile.


There are two routes from Bakersfield to Greenhorn Summit. The preferred route for most people is taking highway 178 east to Lake Isabella and then on to Wofford Heights where you take highway 155 west 15 miles to the summit. You can also take Chester Avenue north out of town following the signs to Glennville and then to Alta Sierra. The parking area offers a lot of space for about 25 rigs. This area is also shared with cross country skiers and locals playing in the snow.

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