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Wheeling locations are quickly becoming few and far between so please Malama Ka Aina (Care for the land), to help save our current wheeling locations.

Peacock Flats - Located on Oahu. To enter you must have a pass from Wildlife and Forest Reserve. To get to the entrance drive H1 West bound. Continue on past the end of the freeway. You will pass through Waianae, and Makaha, you should see a sign that says Kaena Point Satelite tracking station on your right. Turn right there and check in. If you go to far the road ends a Yokohama bay which is a sort distance from the entrance to the tracking station. Be careful many of these trails are very difficult and I would strongly suggest staying to the main road if you are unsure of your 4x4s capabilities. At the top of the trail is the camping grounds.

Kaena Point - On Oahu. Coming from Leeward side. Take the H2 toward Mililani and continue on pass Schofield. At the fork in the road take the left towards Wailua. Continue on towards Wailua and when the road ends you will notice a big mud pit. This is Kaena Point. Becareful there are numerous families who enjoy this part of the island. It is recommended that if you are in a 4x4 you go out past the first few sets of hills to avoid collision, because this area is heavily used by dirt bikes. Be careful many of the mud pits are deeper then they seem and can easily cause damage to your truck. This location is in a somewhat gray area of the law but I have yet to hear of anyone getting a ticket for being out at kaena as long as you remember to care for the land and don't trash the place.

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