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The Holy Jim Trail in the Cleveland National Forest is a mountain bike trail.

Holy Jim is a trail located off of the Santiago Canyon Road, right before the bridge. Great for offroading, contains medium sized trail into the woods. Great after rain when large puddles are formed.

Holy Jim Historic Trail is great for Off-Hwy driving. It is not limited to mountain biking. Holy Jim Trail is located in Santiago Canyon and is generally crowded with OHV's after it rains and on weekends.

The canyon was named for James T. Smith, who was known as"old cussin' Jim" because of his colorful language. A beekeeper who settled in the north fork of Trabuco Canyon, he enlarged a house built in the 1870s and planted figs.

When government surveyors plotted the canyon they chose "Holy Jim," rather than "Cussin' Jim", to place on their maps. They thought this was more appropriate.

The trail to the falls is not difficult. It crosses through Holy Jim Creek many times, rising gently until you reach the fork. At the fork, take the trail to the right for about 1/4-mile. Allow at least 1- 1/2 hours for a relaxed round trip. For the 5 -mile trek to Main Divide, take the left trail at the fork.

The part you can drive on is really called Trabuco Creek Road. Holy Jim trail is a hiking trail with it's trailhead at 33°40'44.42"N 117°30'50.60"W which in several miles in on Trabuco Creek road. Past the Holy Jim trailhead, at the very end of Trabuco Creek Road is the trail head for West Horsthief Trail.

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