Lost Creek Road/Puerta La Cruz Road

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This route is labeled as Indian Flats Road on maps but is signed as Lost Creek Road at it's junction with Highway 79 and Puerta La Cruz Road at it's junction with Chihuahua Valley Road. Lost Creek Road (Forest Route 9S05) begins on Highway 79, just east of the Warner Springs airport. It is a fully paved one-lane road, suitable for passenger cars, for approximately 6.5 miles to Indian Flats Campground. There are some high erosion control berms that might bottom-out a low passenger car. At approximately 4.5 miles, at the junction with Lost Valley Road, the road name changes to Puerta La Cruz Road (according to Google Earth). The main road branches away from the paved road near the entrance to Indian Flats Campground. From here the road is unpaved and requires high clearance and four-wheel drive certainly won't hurt. The road goes another approximately 4.75 miles to Chihuahua Valley Road. The last mile has some deep ruts but nothing a high clearance crossover can't handle if you go slow. The entire distance is approximately 11 miles.

Approximately 3.5 miles after Indian Flats Campground you meet Forest Route 9S04 (Google Earth calls it "Hiking Trail"). This road goes approximately 3.75 miles back to Highway 79. There is a gate approximately 1 mile from Highway 79. The gate is closed on the current image on Google Earth but is open as of August 2012. The last 1/2 mile of road goes through a community of manufactured homes. There is a "Private Property" sign where the road enters the community so be a good neighbor when passing through.


From Warner Springs go approximately 1.75 miles west on highway 79. Turn right on Lost Creek Road.

From Chihuahua Valley Road, approximately 4.3 miles east of highway 79, turn right at the Indian Flats Campground sign, across the street from Old Mitchell Camp Road (see Cooper Cienega Truck Trail).

Difficulty: very easy (0.5) from highway 79 to Indian Flats Campground then easy (2.5) to Chihuahua Valley Road.

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