Indian Pass Road

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Indian Pass Road is an exceptionally beautiful trail that is very scenic. It passes through the Picacho State Recreation Area and starts on Ogilby road and passes by a bajada to the Indian Pass and Chocolate Mountains.

As you drive on the initial path you are flanked on both sides by the Picacho Peak Wilderness and the Indian Pass Wilderness.

The Indian Pass Wilderness is home to dark colored mountains and the 1400 foot Mica Peak. The terrain comprises of jagged peaks, mutil-colored canyons, rocky washes, spires and bench lands with deep arroyos. The Colorado River is near by and you find wildlife like the Colorado River toad, the Great Plains toad, tree lizards, Yuma king, snakes, desert bighorn sheep, mule deer, desert tortoises and wild burros in this section.

From the Indian Pass you will find a trail leading to the Gavilan Wash which follows through to the Picacho State Recreation Area. This section has loose sand but a 4WD can easily pass through.

Inside the Recreation Area[edit]

There is a fee to enter the area even if you are just passing through and additional fees to camp in. There are two primitive campsites here – the Outpost Camp and 4-S Beach which have basic tables and a pit toilet only.

Back on the main trail[edit]

On the main trail you pass through the Bear Wash and some badlands close to the Colorado River with its inlet at Taylor Lake. You can camp at this lake as well.

The Recreation area sports boat launching facilities, a general store and ranger station. If you choose you can do the self guided walk to the Picacho Mills.

Once out of the recreation area, you get onto a graded road and pass the Picacho Peak, Picacho Mine, the Fort Yuma Indian Reservation ,the All-American Canal and finally finish at the state line from Yuma, Arizona.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Indian Pass Road Coordinates: 33.014667° -114.775000° Coordinates: 33.014667° -114.775000°