Indian Truck Trail

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Indian Truck Trail, also known as 5S01, starts at the Indian Truck Trail exit off of Interstate 15, at the base of the Santa Ana Mountains in the Cleveland National Forest. It winds up Indian Canyon towards Main Divide Road.

With the tract homes at the start of ITT it can be difficult to find the start of the trail. Here are the directions as of 9/21/2008

  • Exit from I-15 at Indian Truck Trail. Turn West
  • At traffic light (Campbell Ranch Road), turn Right
  • Left onto Mayhew Canyon (first street)
  • Left onto Santiago Canyon Road.
  • Continue on Santiago until you come to a chain link fence across the road. Start of trail is on your right.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Indian Truck Trail Coordinates: 33.745023° -117.458678° Coordinates: 33.745023° -117.458678°

View from the base of Indian Truck Trail

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