Joshua Tree National Park Geology Tour

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As the name suggests this trail takes you past a number of natural geological exhibits and is quite an educative experience. You will come across high rock inselbergs, granite boulders, cactus gardens, petroglyphs and California junipers along this trail. Is it a wonder then that bouldering is famous activity in this place? You can also access other trails like the Fired Liver Wash from this trail.

Starting at Park Boulevard just 1.6 miles west of Jumbo Rocks campground it ends at Pleasant Valley. What helps also is that this trail has a difficulty rating of 2 only and is quite scenic as well.

You travel along a back road and through the Joshua Tree National Park. For the first couple of miles you can drive through but once you start moving down towards the Pleasant Valley you must walk. The terrain changes here from a paved road to uneven sandy ground.

You can get a park brochure for yourself at the visitor’s centre to help you.

The trail takes you into a dry lakebed in Pleasant Valley where it ends. In the backdrop you see the Little San Bernadino Mountains towering above you.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Joshua Tree National Park Geology Tour Coordinates: 34.006000° -116.084167° Coordinates: 34.006000° -116.084167°