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Jumbo was founded on the Ophir Grade between Washoe Valley and Virginia City in about 1907. For a few years, a small community of miners managed to eke out a living working the area’s mines. By 1921, however, any valuable ore had run out and Jumbo disappeared like so many other Nevada mining camps.

While Jumbo has an admittedly brief life, the drive or hike to the former mining community is worthwhile because of the views. Jumbo Grade Road, also known as Ophir Grade, rises above Washoe Valley and climbs deep into the Virginia Range before dropping into Virginia City. During most of the year, Jumbo Grade is a mild trail with 2 to 3 washouts that may be difficult to full size 4x4's depending on erosion. In the winter, this trail can become difficult with frozen creeks, snow banks, and muddy washouts.

From west to east, Jumbo Grade begins as a paved residential road at N39 19.817 W119 47.502. At the "Halfway House" location (N39 17.082 W119 41.825) You have your choice of heading to Carson City/Dayton via Goni Road, going to Mount Davidson (7864 ft elevation N39 18.493 W119 39.790)or making your way to Virginia City. The trail ends at N39 17.968 W119 39.270 on Highway 342 just north of the Virginia City Highway Maintenance Station.

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