Little Mountain

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Little Mountain
Photo: Zagi flying wing
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Terrain: easy trails
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Difficulty: easy
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Google Earth: Little_Mountain.kmz

If by middle of the week you have already fixed your rig and symptoms of “off-road withdrawal” are appearing or if you think that your transfer case may rust if not engaged more frequently than every weekend, then this little mountain in the middle of San Bernardino City offers you some relief with a couple of steep slopes and a nice view of the city. You will find lot of hikers from near by communities, people flying RC gliders and late in the evening some lovebirds. The easiest access is from Little Mountain Rd Google Map (most cars) The second entrance require 4x4 and is located here Google Map and the most difficult one is here Google Map***UPDATE. people have begun dumping garbage here, tvs, couches. things of the nature, be careful when driving here as some of the trails are blocked with debris***

See it on Google Earth, open this kmz file. Little_Mountain.kmz

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