Logandale Loop

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To the Logandale trails go from Las Vegas N on i-15 for 51 miles to the North Moapa Valley Boulevard and turn right for 5.7 miles.Then turn right on Liston at the Chinese Food Restarant,then go a few blocks to Mills and turn right.This leads to the trails,when you see the large paved parking lot on the right you are there.Should take 20 mins to get to it from the turn onto Mills. In Logandale there is a McDonald's and a grocery store next to it,and on the way back to I-15 there is a gas station,if it is closed you can still fuel up with a debit/credit card.There are also ATV rentals in town,and mechanics if you really break something,help and parts are not too far from you.

southwest of logandale
looking towards The Valley of Fire
looking towards The Valley of Fire