Los Pinos Trail

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Los Pinos Trail is a 4WD trail that for a large part sports a moderate difficulty rating. This trail goes around like a loop and is accessible the year round.

It begins and ends at the Four Corners Trailhead located on the rim of the Corral Canyon OHV Area.

You can begin ascending the Los Pinos Mountain through a shelf road right to the top. There is a lookout tower positioned here but is not operational currently.

There are some nice views from the mountain top and it is worth the trip.

Once you start your descent, you reach a saddle. From here you can move west towards the Espinoza Trail that passes along the Espinosa Creek. This section is a little rough and has some difficult descents into the valley.

Once you reach the Espinosa Creek it gets fine as you come on a roughly graded road into the eastern side of the Pine Creek Wilderness. You follow in to the Skye Valley and through the northern boundary of the Hauser Wilderness and the southern boundary of the Corral Canyon OHV Area.

From this location you can turn into a detour and drive 0.8 miles to Lake Morena right up to the dam. This is a dead end and you will need to turn back again to exit.

Back to the main trail, you drive on to pass Bobcat Meadows Campground. This is the starting point for many other OHV trails.

Maps and GPS Coordinates[edit]

Los Pinos Trail Coordinates: 32.725000° -116.558333° Coordinates: 32.725000° -116.558333°