Lusardi Truck Trail

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The Lusardi Truck trail (11S03) is located in Ramona, CA by cattle property and the city dump. The trail is off of Pamo Valley Rd. on the right hand side. This trail is open for 5.5mi and then is gated off at the top due to fire damage. The only time the trail is fully closed is when it is raining. You can check online before going out to the trail to see when it is open. The beginning of this trail is usually gated off with a cattle gate but you can still enter the trail as long as you close the red cattle gate behind you. The trail is open if the large white bar gate is open.

This trail is great for beginners, as it is usually grated and only somewhat rutted out. It passes along a tourmaline mine as well as several creeks. You can often find quarts tailings in the creeks and on the sides of the trail. The trail passes under some tree cover, as well as opens to beautiful scenic views of the encompassing valleys.

Please note that the tourmaline mine is not to be disturbed by the general public. The gate to the mine is always closed unless someone is working. It is best not to even travel up the road even when the gate is open because the workers close it without notice. You can get permission to go up to the mine.

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